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Welcome to Cobra’s “Streetfighter” page.

I have been a manufacturer of Custom Motorcycle Frame’s and Chassis part’s for some 30 yr's, and on a smaller scale modification’s to Streetfighter Chassis for a few year’s now.

I am now offering a “BESPOKE” service for ‘One Off’ modification’s and part’s, welding service, including Aluminium welding to Streetfighter Chassis, and fuel tank repair’s.

The picture’s of the SUZUKI on this link are of a recent chassis project that was completed by Cobra.

Everything including the extensive fuel tank mod’s, sub frame transplant, fork yoke’s and front end work, swinging arm modification’s.

‘Trick’ Chain-guard, exhaust mod’s, calliper work, all electric’s and coil’s re-located under the fuel tank is all done by Cobra.

I do not offer a mail-order service for Streetfighter part’s, all work is on your bike, or your part’s in the workshop.

Also, look at KAVACH – Japan link for some interesting bike’s and video’s from Tokyo, good fun.

Thank you.